Inter-generational Trauma – start healing today

Inter-generational Trauma – Learning to stop cycles

Inter-generational Trauma can get more complicated or

We can take steps to heal it so that we don’t pass it on to our children, and grand-children.

The first step is becoming aware of what is healthy functioning, because whatever we grow up with is ‘normal’ to us and our family.

Inter-generational Trauma

Healing Inter-generational Trauma

It’s familiar.


How to Identify Inter-generational Trauma

It is always useful to attend personal development workshops to get ahead in our highly competitive world. Often through sharing at this deeper level, we become aware of different ‘normals’ or can rate ourselves using questionnaires. Have you discovered that you are above or below average for anxiety, obsessive behaviours or being eager to please?


Reading books is another great source of insight.

I am writing a book about a lady’s exploration of the impact of her grandmother’s trauma on different generations of her family. She is a grandchild who has the opportunity to observe her grandmother’s great great grandchildren – 5 generations behaviour patterns to learn from.  You might like to follow the Facebook page


At school or other interactions with peers, we discover that our family’s way of doing things is ‘different’;

we hear about aspects of other’s lives which we wish for.

Film and social media have also taken us into other’s worlds or experiences


Questioning Family Norms

Whatever it is that starts you talking to others about things which concern you; the most important thing to do is honour yourself by seeking assistance to improve your situation, feelings and future.



  1. Individual Counselling
  2. Imago Relationship Therapy/coaching
  3. Group Support & Therapy


How does Relationship Therapy heal Inter-generational Trauma?

Imago Relationship Therapy training started as a balance to my trauma work; but I found it to be my most powerful tool to heal trauma!

  • Who do you spend most time with?

    Healing Relationships

    Healing Relationships

  • Whose opinions, comments and actions do you value most?

An hour’s counselling is paddling upstream if a person’s home environment or family relationships are not helping the healing process.

By empowering a person’s significant other with skills to give the support that the person needs improves the relationship. Our loved ones can suffer secondary traumatic stress from not knowing what to do. When they learn what is the best way to respond – both you and  they feel empowered and experience healing from each other!

Ph 0417 997 016 today to book an appointment

Rekindle Romance to make Christmas really special

Rekindle Romance for Christmas

Rekindle Romance involves only a few sessions of ‘Relationship Counselling’ with a very special process called Imago. We help you reconnect like you were in the early days in ways which suit your age and current tastes.


Have you wondered why what you did then doesn’t work now?

If you got together at a young age, the things that excited you are probably different to now, so going out on the town till all hours isn’t exciting at all now, especially if you have young children who wake you at dawn 🙂

Why is Christmas so critical?

We all hope that Christmas will be happy and exciting, perhaps like it was when we were young. The social expectations and pressure are almost inescapable. As we age, it becomes increasingly tiresome, but in our heart – we hope…

? That our partner does something special.

Rekindle Romance Christmas Trees

Rekindle Romance Christmas Trees


Do they know what is special to you these days?

It happens every year, often steeped in tradition – so why would we discuss what would make Christmas special for each other?

Just you asking the other in the right way can be the most special thing about this Christmas.



How do I know?

Every year, Christmas brings the most calls for help with relationship counselling, despite spending on other things.

For 30 years, I’v heard what is special for people, and what are the turning points in the marriage or other relationship. My motto is ‘listen to the client’.

Imago processes are easy to learn and practice to maintain a healthy, growing relationship where you can learn what your partner’s needs are today, this year.


Update yourself on your partner’s needs for the New Year

Give yourselves the best Christmas present ever.

Come and learn these simple communication processes now.

Ph 0417 997 016 to book an appointment before Christmas

– although you can phone on that week between Christmas and New Year, like too many have to.

Why wait?

Prevention is better – than trying to patch up after things get too bad to bear.


Add a little romance to your life, especially Christmas and New Year.

Give each other Hope 🙂

Rekindle romance which is relevant and up to date with your partner’s current needs. Listening and affirming each other is a skill that separates unhappy couples from happy couples.

Keep in touch via Facebook 

Happy Christmas and New Year from Francess Day 🙂

PTSD & Chronic Pain or Fatigue conditions

PTSD, Chronic Pain or Fatigue are related

PTSD, Chronic Pain or Fatigue seem to be associated with each other more often than not.

Have you developed Fibromyalgia?

A search for Causes of Fibromyalgia produced a list of 9 possible causes to explore and included the following:-

Traumatic Events and Stress

The adrenal glands become fatigued when a person undergoes a traumatic event or suffers from stress. Often fibromyalgia symptoms first begin to appear following a traumatic experience in a person’s life and stress is well-known to exacerbate the symptoms.”

Looking back, I can verify that my own Fibromyalgic pain becomes severe  in exactly the pattern described above. I also found out the hard way that having a feast of crisp chip/wedges and other fried foods whilst out the other evening made the pain flare up unbelieveably. So I googled and learned things like the following about Inflammatory Foods!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS] related to PTSD

Whilst there are more possible causes for CFS, this article about Childhood Trauma having strong links to CFS is worth reading.

Manage Inflammation & Fatigue by Diet

Your vegetable garden contains the best diet!

PTSD, Chronic Pain or Fatigue

PTSD, Chronic Pain or Fatigue Management

By “wrong diet,” we’re talking about the typical Western diet which is full of inflammation-inducing foods. Think: fried foods, refined flours and sugars, hormone- and antibiotic-laden animal products, synthetic sweeteners, and artificial food additives.

So if you’re constantly noshing on these items, your body will begin to transition into a state of chronic inflammation. This inflammatory, high-energy diet builds belly fat, reduces levels of gut-healthy probiotics, induces weight gain, causes joint pain, bloating, and fatigue, and has been connected with a host of diseases, from diabetes and obesity to heart disease and cancer. And it gets worse: Once you get belly fat, just like an active volcano, it can start spewing out dangerous substances through a condition called “leaky gut.”

PTSD, Chronic Pain or Fatigue Treatments

Dr T has a comprehensive program to offer people which centres around diet management!  Have a look around his web-pages

BUT CHECK OUT THESE WARNINGS by a Fibro/Fatigue Blogger who has FIBROMYALGIA, was a journalist and now researcher


Glamping is luxury camping

Glamping has captured Imaginations

Glamping is glamorous camping – luxury possibilities are endless.

Imagine having more windows to connect with birds and plant-life than a tent…

Plus your own kitchen, ensuite and a dining room…. It’s warmer too – even without the a/c

All for a similar price at caravan park to park your caravan – if you have one!  Otherwise, you need to pay much more for an onsite van or cabin.

But you want to get away from crowded living!

Our tranquil detached Garden Apartment is on the edge of a National Park overlooking the city and coastal plains. Imagine a gentle 25 minute walk to the top of the mount to watch the sunset over it all – in the distance

Up Above It All

Up Above It All

Ever dreamed of growing your own vegetables and fruit?

Our garden shows you how easy and cheap it can be.

Glamping doesn’t bring together the bush, birds, wildflowers and fauna with human lifestyle.

Hills living does.  Booking & Info

Ph 0417 997 016

DEstress Getaway Healing Retreat

gives you all this

Glamping Vege Garden

Glamping Vege Garden

Couples who never have time just for themselves can book for a weekend, enjoy a fancy microwave and cooktops, fridge, TV and radio surrounded by nature.  Super comfy kingsize bed…

What more could you want?

Something interesting to do and see…. walks to explore

Walking with Native Wisteria Wandoo

Walking with Native Wisteria Wandoo

the creek, wildflowers,

ambush big red kangaroos, find bird nests,

enjoy views across the valleys, along the Darling Range

the village 4 km away – cafes, art gallery, and many more community activities

walk 1km warm-up to olympic-sized swimming pool

Mountain-bike trails in John Forrest National Park 4 km away or 1km down to the Goat Farm for serious mountain-bike jumping.  Or a leisurely cycle through the village, along the old train lines [south or north of highway].

Relationship Building Activities

Personal and client experiences have discovered that these activities are tremendous relationship building times.

You rely on each other for so many different things than your usual day-to-day.

Discover previously unknown qualities in each other, support, encouragement, physical assistance, hearing and seeing exciting new things.

See each other in a new way.

Fall in Love all over again  Ph 0417 997 016


Spring into Relationship Rejuvenation Today

Spring is Nest & Growth Time

Spring into the excitement of your early relationship times now.

Everywhere birds and every other living creature is connected with their partner creating new life – being together expressing their love.

Spring Magnificence

Spring Magnificence

What has happened to Human’s Priorities?

Are you too busy to make a date?

When was the last time you went for a walk together, sat together to marvel at something beautiful and expressed something to your partner to make them feel special – your favourite person.

Spring is irresistible

Check out the little park photos and videos captured on

if you don’t have time to walk around to your local park or nature reserve.

The real experience gives you the feel, smells, sounds, sights and flower perfumes will have you salivating.

MAKE A DATE TODAY with your partner to walk and sit in your local garden or nature reserve.

Need Help to Revive the Excitement?

Ph 0417 997 016 TODAY for a few coaching sessions. We are the experts in reconnecting people by teaching you a communication style to revive the emotions which brought you together.

When you understand what has happened to the excitement, you will naturally generate solutions that suit both of you.

Believe in Spring

Believe in Spring


People have brought real pessimistic partners because it’s really hard to tell people how and what to do.

We just get on and SHOW YOU, and in my experience even the most pessimistic persons have found it hard to resist becoming involved in the process.

That’s how good it is to HAVE A GO. What have you got to lose?


Does it take Losing your Partner?

Too often somebody will phone for an appointment after their partner has left or threatened to do so.

Why paddle upstream?

When people have made a decision, they will be committed to justifying that decision.

Take charge before it’s too late.  Ph 0417 997 016 today 🙂

EMDR is Trauma Healing using a Natural method – try it

EMDR is the Most Effective way to Heal from Trama

EMDR is a Natural method which doesn’t require much talking about the trauma 🙂  This can be the hardest part for people to do because we don’t always have words for such an overwhelming experience.

Too hard to get through?

Too hard to get through?

How does EMDR work?

EMDR seems to activate your coping skills to deal with the present‑day impact of the trauma.

EMDR is a procedure which can help you:-

  • Desensitise the images and feelings associated with the trauma, so that they become ‘just a memory’.
  • Recognise and work on feelings and thoughts that come up with the trauma.
  • Think differently about yourself in relation to the trauma.
  • Get through processing it 🙂


EMDR is for people who will commit to at least 6 sessions

The therapist will talk with you about yourself in an effort to understand the history of your difficulties and how they are affecting your current life. This may take one or two sessions.

When we begin the eye movement process, we allow 90 minutes because it is not possible to predict what will emerge. You may take a little while to get used to it before your brain unfreezes it’s processing, then we need to achieve some positive outcome before the end of the session.

The hardest and slowest part is setting up the beliefs which we will work on – so that is what takes the longest in the first session.

So give yourself a chance to really make it through the tunnel 🙂

EMDR is light at end of tunnel

EMDR is light at end of tunnel

How will You know if EMDR is working?

You and your therapist will often know if EMDR is going to be useful to you in one or two sessions.

It is hard to predict, in general, how long EMDR treatment will take.

You may experience sufficient relief from your symptoms in as few as one to six sessions, or EMDR may be a procedure that you and your therapist use as part of a longer-term therapy process for several months to deal with various problems and issues.

Retreat to Relax invites you to Register by 9 August, 2017

Retreat to Relax & Learn DEstress Activities

Retreat to Relax has ONLY 9 days till Registration deadline – so REGISTER QUICKLY on to be included on 19-20 August

10am Sat – 4pm Sun 🙂


  • Meditation,
  • Sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools
  • Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
  • DAILY Yoga, Please let me know if you can Bring a Mat 🙂
  • Fun art activities with a healing motive

A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share  

Retreat to Relax - Adding Oils

Retreat to Relax – Adding Essential Oils to Cream

  • See how easy it is to grow your own veges
  • Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking]

Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support

Contribution of $70-150 according to what you can afford, although we appreciate your best effort so as to be able to afford to keep offering the opportunity to emerging practitioners and you.

We aim to make it possible for a ALL people to be able to afford a Retreat to Relax 🙂

Receipts for Professional Development are available.

Retreat to Relax in Private Bedrooms

Retreat to Relax's Queen Bedroom

Retreat to Relax’s Queen Bedroom

Bees are busy on Geraldton Wax

Retreat to Relax while Bees are busy on Geraldton Wax

We have 3 couples beds, plus 3 singles, although if only single people come the first people to register get to pick their bed and room.

There are a couple of electric blankets, so hot water bottles are welcome 🙂

Check out some videos from the creatures that live at Retreat to Relax on our Facebook page 🙂

Retreat to Relax has tame magpies, frogs, many other birds

Retreat to Relax has tame magpies, frogs, many other birds

Mrs Magpie insisted that I video her song for you, can you hear the Call of the Wild ?   See video Albums on the Facebook page.

Our Essential Oils leader Elke Blight has so much valuable information and is also studying Nutrition Coaching so will answer your questions about Myths and Truth about certain foods’ benefits and risks.

Yoga is led by Sue Barbour. As you’ll see she is taking Yoga to the remote wheatbelt towns, as well as regular classes in the Hills nearby. She has a particular interest in

Retreat to Relax's Yoga leader Sue Barbour

Retreat to Relax’s Yoga leader Sue Barbour

reaching out to men to add another Relaxation Activity to their toolbox!


Everything is included in the Registration Fee 🙂

Contact me today to get bank details to secure your place



EMDR cures the underlying PTSD triggers

EMDR cures underlying triggers of PTSD

EMDR cures is a strong phrase – for a strong effective method of addressing the root causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

When the flight/fight body chemicals are constantly triggered, the body undergoes physical changes and our physical health begins to deteriorate also. More and more, conditions such as Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and Fibromyalgia seem to be resulting from prolonged PTSD conditions.

Do you really need to wait till it gets that bad?

Its a good idea not to delay treatment after trauma as it just becomes more complicated and harder to treat regardless of the method used.

EMDR cures simple PTSD resulting from a single incident which is not prolonged really easily.  Why would you wait until your employment becomes affected, or worse your relationships?

If you have sleep difficulties, nightmares, ongoing thoughts about the trauma and other PTSD symptoms lingering beyond a month, it is probably a good idea to seek treatment.

How Eye Movement Densitisation Reprocessing [EMDR] works

EMDR cures our sensitivity to triggers and memories by decreasing the emotions associated with them far more quickly than time might do. Time can also complicate PTSD.

EMDR cures the demons - eye power!

EMDR cures the demons – eye power!

The eye movements stimulate the brain’s processing of the trauma material so that it becomes integrated; meaning it becomes background memory like our first day at school has become.

Complicated PTSD

When your life and symptoms have become complex, it will just take more sessions than the few that it takes for simple PTSD done soon after the incident. EMDR will alleviate some symptoms quickly, but sometimes other issues which may seem unrelated arise and have to be dealt with too. However, EMDR will heal you far quicker than talk-therapy.


Only masks the symptoms, it doesn’t cure the problem which triggers PTSD. You can free yourself from the side-effects, having to remember to take medication and the costs by curing the underlying problems with a minimum of discussion of the problem – using EMDR.

Relaxation is Essential – learn how now

Relaxation is Essential for creating stability in your life

Relaxation is Essential for so many aspects of personal and family life.

Rise above it all; Relaxation is Essential

Rise above it all; Relaxation is Essential

  • Good health produces inner happiness which radiates to the rest of the family, friends and colleagues
  • Peaceful times allow more intimate conversations
  • Quiet spaces help you all hear each other properly – tone, emotion and maybe dreams/wishes

Magic of Photography

Magic of Photography

Have you tried Escaping for a Holiday?

Relaxation is Essential – but how often do you find that having paid so much money for accommodation, travel, eating out… that you feel you have to see and do as much as possible to make the money worth spending?

COME & TRY De-stressing at a 2 Day RETREAT

10am 19-20th AUGUST 4pm 2017

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation is Essential

Vege growing, Surprises

Vege growing, Surprises

*sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools
*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
+Fun art activities with a healing motive
+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges 
+Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking if you choose]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support 🙂

Contribution of $70-150 per person according to what you can afford.
Please register on and ask for Bank Account details to transfer your registration money to
Receipts for Professional Development are available.
The hardest thing I’ll make you do is decide how much you will pay for the 2 day retreat…. between $70-150. This is so that people who normally can’t afford REtreats can come, but those who can pay more, it’s appreciated that you make your best effort.🙂

Learn more about these retreats, read feedback from past participants and find out what’s included


Retreat feedback for Boutique Retreat

Retreat feedback

Retreat feedback for the #Boutique #Retreat program was posted as soon as they got home after the June 2017 Retreat – see below.

Next Destress Retreat

Is the third weekend in August and you can BOOK by emailing me using the contact page CLICK here –


De-stress Retreat Yoga

De-stress Retreat Yoga

We offer a fee range $70-150 for the whole weekend, including

  • Saturday night private bedroom,
  • food, fun and body butter

– to ensure that ALL PEOPLE can afford to care and learn in this relaxing, rejuvenating and fun way  – but we appreciate you contributing as best as you can.  If you bring a friend, you both get the discount rates 🙂

JUST DO IT….instead of just WISHING

Please click interested and going on these sites too 🙂

De-stress, meditation & Apps, essential Oils, Healthy food lunch, bushwalk

Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 10:00 AM

Mountain Quarry, Greenmount
Mountain Quarry, Greenmount Perth, AU

2 Health Bees Attending

Come and Try De-stressing 2 Day RetreatONLY 5 PLACES REMAIN 🙂  REGISTER QUICKLYYoga,Meditation,Sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare toolsLearn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]Fun art activities with a healing motiveA healthy food smorgasbord l…

Check out this Meetup →

and where you will find Andrew’s Retreat feedback :-

Thanks for the wonderful retreat. It was great to come up into the hills and relax, spend a weekend with friendly, like-minded people, learn more about essential oils, and enjoy a couple of excellent yoga and meditation sessions. The food was fantastic and it was healthy too! The accommodation was cosy and the walks through the forest were beautiful. And Francess was a wonderful, tireless host. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

Retreat feedback from member


Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

MargB 7:10 PM 18 June 2017
Thanks, Francess, for a wonderful 2 day retreat of essential oils; essential apps; yoga; meditation; bushwalking and yummy, healthy food. Also had a fabulous night’s sleep. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it all. Also, the blue wrens in your garden are stunning. Thanks for making it all happen.


Last year we started in December, and only collected paper feedback sheets and two are shared here for you 🙂  They loved the relaxed flexible approach, but suggested that we should ask you the future participants what you are hoping for, or need at the next retreat that you attend 🙂

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback