Boutique Retreats 30km from Perth CBD

 Boutique Retreats are tailored to your tastes

Boutique Retreats can be run by any group of people looking for an affordable venue without compromising on comforts like privacy. Ours has 4 PRIVATE BEDROOMS available, plus other shared spaces.

Ph 0417 997 016 to discuss your preferences for your group.

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A few wellness leaders will put together more Relaxation Healthy Retreats in 2018 which will be similar to the very successful ones we ran in 2017 – see Facebook events  and a web-page dedicated to our first one in  December 2016.

You can try different things like:-

  • Yoga, Meditation,
  • Healthy Food and Drinks,
  • Make Creams with Essential Oils,
  • Walk in the National Park,
  • Learn how easy it is to Grow Vegetables;
  • Share ideas with other participants.

Request what YOU’D LIKE TO TRY when you Enrol 🙂 so that we know what you prefer. 🙂

Boutique Retreats Walking with Views

Boutique Retreats Walking with Views

to register your interest in attending our next retreat Autumn, 2018.

We are also looking for participants for the  5-6 MAY RETREAT  for people with CFS, Fibromyalgia and other fatigue conditions where you’ll learn TRE with Tony Fitzgerald. More info on Facebook Event Nov 2017 🙂

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This quote from the experienced blogger, Rebecca Miller French gives you a taste of how to start.

” Imagine hanging out with a group of awesome, like-minded people in a comfy space, developing your business or brand while workshopping motivational topics, creating inspiration, perhaps enjoying some meals together, and most importantly—having fun.

You could, of course, enjoy this experience as a retreat attendee, or better still – how about hosting your own?

Wellness bloggers lead a growing trend, to host events that create connections.

 Aussie blogger Heather Cox of Eat Real Food NYC hosts intimate Treehouse Retreats focused on yoga and clean living. One of her clients was quoted saying,
“I didn’t want to leave, and left feeling lighter physically, emotionally, spiritually and with a smile on my face… I can’t wait to go back.”

Social media has increased many connections today, as a result there seem to be fewer opportunities to connect in person.

A wellness retreat can act as an escape and additionally; a time of community and personal and/or professional development.

If you’re ready to boost engagement with your wellness community while simultaneously growing your network, here’s how to get the excitement going: READ Rebecca’s blog