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Inter-generational trauma

Intergenerational trauma is trauma that is propagated across generations. The original trauma victim experiences post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their trauma. This is then passed on to their offspring via epigenetics, parenting and observational learning. This can extend into the second and further generations.

In other words, history repeats itself. Unless we recognise and take charge of how we live, communicate and think, this vicious circle can continue for many generations.

Stopping the vicious circle of inter-generational trauma

In order to stop the vicious circle of inter-generational trauma, we need to understand what’s happening. Unfortunately, the dynamics of inter-generational trauma are often difficult to recognise in yourself and your own family.

However, sometimes reading or hearing about another family’s patterns helps us to recognise the issues in our own family. This will then allow us to start dealing with the problem.

Alida Gets Life – an engaging story of intergenerational trauma

“Alida Gets Life” is an engaging narrative that illustrates inter-generational trauma and the impact it can have on families. The story “Alida Gets Life” explores the trauma that  Sophie’s grandmother Alida suffered. Alida’s daughter in law reveals Alida’s incredible life story to Alida’s grand-daughter Sophie. Skeletons come to life as history repeats itself and we see inter-generational trauma in action. Sophie has the opportunity to learn about and observe five generations of her family and their behaviour patterns. This allow her (and us) to learn a lot about inter-generational trauma.

Alida with her family







The book chronicles Sophie’s journey to Holland to learn as much as she can about the grandmother she never met. Sophie arrives in Holland and finds her Dutch family four years after her grandmother Alida’s death. Sophie meets her aunts who knew Alida and regularly visited her until her passing in 1981. Sophie learns about Alida’s life and suffering and the intergenerational trauma that subsequently manifests. What a shock it is for 24 year old Sophie to discover the family skeletons.

Learning by story-telling

By following Sophie’s journey of discovery the reader will learn about inter-generational trauma in an entertaining and engaging way. This will enable the reader to recognise the signs of intergenerational trauma. The reader will be able to recognise similar patterns in their own families and deal with their own inherited traumas.

The institution where Alida likely spent the last years of her life.


The author

The author, Francess Day, is chronicling how Sophie discovers more about Alida’s life. Having already published two books about recovering from trauma (PTSD), Francess has a wealth of experience, research and qualifications to add to this project on inter-generational trauma.

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