EMDR cures the underlying PTSD triggers

EMDR cures underlying triggers of PTSD

EMDR cures is a strong phrase – for a strong effective method of addressing the root causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

When the flight/fight body chemicals are constantly triggered, the body undergoes physical changes and our physical health begins to deteriorate also. More and more, conditions such as Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and Fibromyalgia seem to be resulting from prolonged PTSD conditions.

Do you really need to wait till it gets that bad?

Its a good idea not to delay treatment after trauma as it just becomes more complicated and harder to treat regardless of the method used.

EMDR cures simple PTSD resulting from a single incident which is not prolonged really easily.  Why would you wait until your employment becomes affected, or worse your relationships?

If you have sleep difficulties, nightmares, ongoing thoughts about the trauma and other PTSD symptoms lingering beyond a month, it is probably a good idea to seek treatment.

How Eye Movement Densitisation Reprocessing [EMDR] works

EMDR cures our sensitivity to triggers and memories by decreasing the emotions associated with them far more quickly than time might do. Time can also complicate PTSD.

EMDR cures the demons - eye power!

EMDR cures the demons – eye power!

The eye movements stimulate the brain’s processing of the trauma material so that it becomes integrated; meaning it becomes background memory like our first day at school has become.

Complicated PTSD

When your life and symptoms have become complex, it will just take more sessions than the few that it takes for simple PTSD done soon after the incident. EMDR will alleviate some symptoms quickly, but sometimes other issues which may seem unrelated arise and have to be dealt with too. However, EMDR will heal you far quicker than talk-therapy.


Only masks the symptoms, it doesn’t cure the problem which triggers PTSD. You can free yourself from the side-effects, having to remember to take medication and the costs by curing the underlying problems with a minimum of discussion of the problem – using EMDR.

Relaxation is Essential – learn how now

Relaxation is Essential for creating stability in your life

Relaxation is Essential for so many aspects of personal and family life.

Rise above it all; Relaxation is Essential

Rise above it all; Relaxation is Essential

  • Good health produces inner happiness which radiates to the rest of the family, friends and colleagues
  • Peaceful times allow more intimate conversations
  • Quiet spaces help you all hear each other properly – tone, emotion and maybe dreams/wishes

Magic of Photography

Magic of Photography

Have you tried Escaping for a Holiday?

Relaxation is Essential – but how often do you find that having paid so much money for accommodation, travel, eating out… that you feel you have to see and do as much as possible to make the money worth spending?

COME & TRY De-stressing at a 2 Day RETREAT

10am 19-20th AUGUST 4pm 2017

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation

Stillness, Peace, Relaxation is Essential

Vege growing, Surprises

Vege growing, Surprises

*sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools
*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
+Fun art activities with a healing motive
+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges 
+Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking if you choose]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support 🙂

Contribution of $70-150 per person according to what you can afford.
Please register on http://broadening-horizons.com.au/contact/ and ask for Bank Account details to transfer your registration money to
Receipts for Professional Development are available.
The hardest thing I’ll make you do is decide how much you will pay for the 2 day retreat…. between $70-150. This is so that people who normally can’t afford REtreats can come, but those who can pay more, it’s appreciated that you make your best effort.🙂

Learn more about these retreats, read feedback from past participants and find out what’s included https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Retreat-384747858540765/


Retreat feedback for Boutique Retreat

Retreat feedback

Retreat feedback for the #Boutique #Retreat program was posted as soon as they got home after the June 2017 Retreat – see below.

Next Destress Retreat

Is the third weekend in August and you can BOOK by emailing me using the contact page CLICK here – http://broadening-horizons.com.au/contact/


De-stress Retreat Yoga

De-stress Retreat Yoga

We offer a fee range $70-150 for the whole weekend, including

  • Saturday night private bedroom,
  • food, fun and body butter

– to ensure that ALL PEOPLE can afford to care and learn in this relaxing, rejuvenating and fun way  – but we appreciate you contributing as best as you can.  If you bring a friend, you both get the discount rates 🙂

JUST DO IT….instead of just WISHING

Please click interested and going on these sites too 🙂

De-stress, meditation & Apps, essential Oils, Healthy food lunch, bushwalk

Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 10:00 AM

Mountain Quarry, Greenmount
Mountain Quarry, Greenmount Perth, AU

2 Health Bees Attending

Come and Try De-stressing 2 Day RetreatONLY 5 PLACES REMAIN 🙂  REGISTER QUICKLYYoga,Meditation,Sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare toolsLearn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]Fun art activities with a healing motiveA healthy food smorgasbord l…

Check out this Meetup →


https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Retreat-384747858540765/ where you will find Andrew’s Retreat feedback :-

Thanks for the wonderful retreat. It was great to come up into the hills and relax, spend a weekend with friendly, like-minded people, learn more about essential oils, and enjoy a couple of excellent yoga and meditation sessions. The food was fantastic and it was healthy too! The accommodation was cosy and the walks through the forest were beautiful. And Francess was a wonderful, tireless host. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

Retreat feedback from https://www.meetup.com/BeeAlive/events/239078835/?_af=event&_af_eid=239078835&https=on member


Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

MargB 7:10 PM 18 June 2017
Thanks, Francess, for a wonderful 2 day retreat of essential oils; essential apps; yoga; meditation; bushwalking and yummy, healthy food. Also had a fabulous night’s sleep. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it all. Also, the blue wrens in your garden are stunning. Thanks for making it all happen.


Last year we started in December, and only collected paper feedback sheets and two are shared here for you 🙂  They loved the relaxed flexible approach, but suggested that we should ask you the future participants what you are hoping for, or need at the next retreat that you attend 🙂

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

Dec 2016 Retreat feedback

De-stress Retreat – COME & TRY IT

De-stress Retreat

De-stress Retreat invitation for you to share with your contacts on your Social Media pages – and consider coming along 🙂
Please have a look at my Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Retreat-384747858540765/

10am 17-18 June 4pm  2017

Retreat Try Essential Oils

De-stress Retreat Try Essential Oils

Please register on http://broadening-horizons.com.au/contact/

Do you know somebody who needs a Break with TLC?  You?

COME & TRY De-stress Retreat Activities like:-

*Yoga before Sat night dinner 5-630pm & 1030- noon Sunday
*sharing APPs with meditation and other self-care tools
*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
*Fun art activities with a healing motive
+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges

De-stress Retreat bush walk

De-stress Retreat bush walk

+Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support

De-stress Retreat Costs

Contribution of $70-120 according to what you can afford

My aim is to keep costs low so that EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD to come. Those who can pay more, we appreciate you helping others less fortunate.  When you are relaxed, and have people to share ideas with – all kinds of opportunities can emerge 🙂

Receipts for Professional Development are available.

De-stress Retreat Yoga

De-stress Retreat Accommodation included in the price 🙂

We have 3 couple beds [KS, QS & double & another double mattress] and 3 singles which can all be in separate spaces, 5 private bedrooms. …. first in best dressed 🙂 🙂

You don’t have to bring anything, unless you have special dietary needs, comfort food, BYO drinks etc.

I’ll be sending out the menu soon once I’ve got  all the registrations finalised.

If you like your special brew of coffee and have a simple machine, it would be welcome, as we tend to only have simple drinks.  Somebody is already bringing one…. so let us know and we’ll ask if she’ll be happy to brew yours 🙂

But in this cold weather, a hot water bottle, electric blanket and any favourite  bedding/pillow is always a bonus.

De-stress Retreat Winter Garden

De-stress Retreat Winter Garden

De-stress Retreat Winter Creek

De-stress Retreat Winter Creek

De-stress Retreat Winter walk

De-stress Retreat Winter walk

De-stress Retreat Winter Garden

De-stress Retreat Winter Garden

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Happy Successful International Women’s Day 🙂

Share your achievements and your dreams on Facebook, Blogs – don’t hide your light under a rock. The top of the world is a long way to. Those who have been to the very top often come back and achieve greater things for the community good. There is something profound to walk up the glacier and see all the memorials etched on the rocks of those who remain on the mountain frozen…. it certainly renewed my commitment to make the most of the life which I’d been given a second chance on in November 1979.

What is the meaning of your life?

There is something profound to walk up the glacier and see all the memorials etched on the rocks of those who

Sagamantha Mother Earth

Sagamantha Mother Earth

remain on the mountain frozen….

It certainly renewed my commitment to make the most of the life which I’d been given a second chance on in November 1979.

This is the real Top of the World, Total Inspiration, in terribly poor Nepal 1990 – but we each have our mountains to strive for…

What Dreams have you decided to follow today.?

Start dreaming, exploring opportunities to realise the dreams you have 🙂  If you need a bit of help, contact me or pick up the phone 0417 997 016 to make an appointment.

How many times have you heard that women can do anything that we set our heart on – believe it 🙂

Have you dreamed of running a retreat or being a presenter at a “come and try it” Retreat where you meet new clients to build a relationship with, and invite to regular classes or consultations with you for whatever healing or help you specialise in?

Phone 0417 997 016 or contact me through the blue Contact Us button on the top right of this page 🙂

In 2006, I designed a solar passive home, then single-handedly revegetated a huge 13 metre high cut and fill [bank] of this hills clay on the side of a steep hill. Thanks to Dad for his help on some occasions and entrusting me with his precious 40 year old tractor for months without his supervision 🙂and Happy Birthday 🙂

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Boutique Retreats 30km from Perth CBD

Daily Valentines are Better

Daily Valentines

Are you disappointed with the whole Idea?

A Daily Valentine sharing the housework daily predicted better, more lasting relationships in a  Swedish research study. Of course this talks to the guys in most but not all cases. Additionally, telling everyone how much you do is also counter-productive…. but women there is a really important part we have in this too!

Daily Gratitude

In Imago Therapy we call it Daily Appreciations – which doesn’t need any explanation. The Swedish Research also showed that acknowledging whatever each does for the other creates a higher quality relationship. So even though women, we just get one and do the housework, it is important to notice and sit down and romantically give an appreciation to your Man – not every day about housework of course. The Swedes call it an ‘Economy of Gratitude’.

Good Communication

The Romantic language and attentiveness of the early days, and Valentine’s Day is important for daily health and well-being of a relationship, was another finding of the research.

It takes effort and commitment to rekindle the romance.

Time is needed to listen to the other’s perspective, clarify and be empathetic to their feelings.

When is a Relationship Worn Out?

After 53 years, struggling with walking frames and dementia, couples in their 80’s still make a point of giving each other a kiss. They will tell you that life is no bed of roses – it is what you make it.

Never to late to kiss

Learning new ways to communicate might be all you need 🙂

Ph 0417 997 016 for an appointment today


HAPPY NEW YEAR for New Beginnings

HAPPY NEW YEAR is New Beginnings

Is your relationship, marriage, career, self-esteem and confidence in the best shape for A Happy New Year ?

This is the year of new beginnings.

Why not invest in a few coaching sessions to tune up your relationship or your self-satisfaction in your individual life.

Ph 0417 997 016 to make an appointment.



The big new beginning for my 2017 is the launch of retreats . Please share my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Retreat-384747858540765/

Scroll down this blog for more information for groups looking for a Boutique Venue for 6-8 people; or

The Grannyflat can also be booked for individuals or couples needing a healing, rejuvenation in the hills closest to Perth 🙂


Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Boutique Retreat Venue


Boutique Retreat venues allow you & attendees to relax

With your team, group of clients  or attract potential clients to your healing practice, or all kinds of coaching businesses.  We’re even planning a 2 day workshop with an online marketing strategist, where we can learn and create our social media pages, how to drive readers to these and our websites – in a relaxing DEstress environment, interspersed with FUN & RELAXATION activities like shown below in our RELAX – sample different healing activities.

Boutique Retreat Venue is Affordable

Yet 4 people have a private bedroom, plus another private space in large room, and possibly 2 more private spaces in the grannyflat when it is available. We had a couple of people who preferred their own bed at home, but were back for yoga at 730am.

There is actually room inside for 6 yoga participants, and many more on the big lawn outside.

10-12 could participate in a Meditation inside.

wp_20161203_14_20_28_proWe also had fun doing a workshop trying many essential oils, learning what helps which needs using charts and handouts.

Then we created our own potion in rollers, body creams and spray bottles. Expandable table in eating area can seat 15 people.

Endless Coastal flat views

A short walk

See my FACEBOOK   post to learn more from another professional’s post about how to use places like mine.

Grannyflat in garden

Grannyflat in garden

The garden and nearby national park provide peaceful bliss to relax or walk.

December wildflowers

December wildflowers

I can help you design a program, menu and find activity leaders in response to your preferences and needs.

Or you can organise your own everything, and I’ll just do the dishes, heat/cool food, be a general ‘runner’/assistant.

Arrange a time to come have a look 🙂


When the grannyflat is available, you are welcome to phone 0417 997 016 to book your choice of days to rest, rejuvenate, write a novel, paint, walk, meditate or whatever takes your fancy. Please see flyer hills-retreat-flyer.  Only $35/night.


Christmas can Unify families

Christmas can Unify families

Relationships can thrive or suffer at Christmas

Relationship-building skills are simple to learn, and all you have to do is make some time to learn new ways to understand and respond to each other.

We teach you skills to manage conflict, create dreams and romance in your relationship again.


Do you know what makes your partner, or other family members feel most loved?

The processes that we guide you through give you insight and understanding to the secret wishes of the other’s heart. We build trust and safety to help each person share at a much deeper level.


When you have a deeper understanding of each other, the superficial arguements disappear.


Having shared at the deeper level resolves the underlying issue which we often avoid discussing, and just convey our dissatisfaction by picking at “safe” things to vent about.


PH 0417 997 016 🙂




The Grannyflat is for people who need a little retreat or holiday.

New separate bedroom, separate kitchen and ensuite bathroom will have a queensize bed by the end of January 2017.

Spacious living area, with new reverse cycle air conditioner. 



Best to phone 0417 997 016

Clean, healthy living in a light, bright little house in peaceful garden. 

Weekly Rent $200, and Utility costs are $30 per week, or $35/ day.

All payments can be exchanged for work on the property, if you are under employed.

The living space is bright, light and is nearly 6 metres long, by nearly 5 metres wide.


The house property is a smoke-free zone and residents are non smokers.

1-2 night stays

It would be appreciated if you bring your sheets and towel to conserve the environment by eliminating the need to wash these after such a short period of use.




Spacious A/C Living area

Spacious A/C Living area

·         There is other furniture available if you need.

The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster, and a portable 2 hotplate electric cooker. Any extra saucepans, crockery or cutlery you need is available. Sugar, salt & pepper is available, but please otherwise bring what you’d like to drink and eat.

Kitchen to Ensuite

Kitchen to Ensuite

The new reverse cycle air conditioning cools and warms the whole building due to its position opposite the doors to the separate areas.

On the north side, is the well lit ensuite shower and toilet.

Bright Ensuite

Bright Ensuite

There is a step up into the main door with security screendoor. There is also a security screen on another window. Many large windows also provide good daylight, views to the gardens and ventilation.


west windows garden view

Enjoy Hills lifestyle in a quiet, spacious secluded block with mainly trees, natives & veges in a safe and peaceful neighbourhood. It is just 6km away from the train and bus station, a 10 minute drive. The bus-stop is 15-20 mins walk away, and it’s only 3-6km from an extensive shopping and business precinct.

It is a healthy environment and we strive to do our bit to live sustainably: – natural products, composting, recycling, conservation of power, water and reuse of water; and growing veges if you want to join in the garden. But we are normal down to earth, often professional people 🙂

view out south window

view out south window